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Why you should find a company with a mission you relate to

Why you should find a company with a mission you relate to

almost 5 years ago

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Why you should find a company with a mission you relate to


When looking for a new job opportunity there are important factors that we all look for before securing a new role. What is the first thing you look for? Could it be the benefits such as flexi working hours, a nice discount, a certain number of holidays, the salary or complimentary snacks, yoga classes or simply the commute?

It’s important to be open-minded as a genuinely good role can be few and far between so here are a few points to help you find a company with a mission you relate to:

  1. Core Values:

Lots of brands represent themselves using between five and ten core values which they believe signify the key principles of their brand which demonstrates their personality. These range from being Customer Focused, having Diversity in the workplace, a competitive spirit, safety in the workplace, being your own customer, working in a fast-paced environment, Commercial… the list is endless

  1. About us:

What is important to you regarding the brand you are representing? If you are environmentally savvy you might choose to work for a brand who uses purely sustainable materials – (check out our Sales Assistant – Baby Wear Brand role for an opportunity working for one of our most ethical clients). Are there charities which the brand partners with that you feel strongly about the cause they support? Research their website and branding, how do they advertise? Instagram and Twitter are major social media platforms used to share the latest news due to large followings. Articles can also be found in fashion magazines such as Drapers or Business of Fashion for the latest news, trends, and analysis within the retail industry.


  1. More than a pay slip-

Sometimes even our dream careers can have off days whether that be due to a change of team, if your colleagues are on holiday or even off due to a personal issue. Working for a brand with a mission that you relate to should not only help you get through the tougher days but gives you enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation to always do your best. Instead of sweating tears to exceed your KPI’s, being able to say you are happy and proud to work towards your company’s goals when you believe in them is on the right path to achieving a common goal. As the job seeker, know your skills and ensure you share your achievements with potential future employers. When interviewing for a role feel free to ask about the brand's core values to see if they are missions you relate to, is there something you could add, and they could benefit from? With retailers beginning to focus more on their missions and core values, everyone’s contribution in the workplace counts for the business to run effectively.

Check out our live job roles and give me a call to see if I have an opportunity with a brand whose mission you can relate to!