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Acing The Interview

Acing The Interview

10 days ago


​It’s that time of year again when strawberries and cream collide with Pimm’s, long shadows on Centre Court and all eyes on SW19!

So, in the spirit of Wimbledon fortnight, we are looking at ….

… “Doing a Djokovic – How to Ace the interview”

Leveraging your research

Organising yourself to full effect

Valuing your skills

Enquiring in a memorable way

You’ve tailored your CV and served up a brilliant personal statement and now you’ve been invited to the interview. So… how do you bring your A game to the table?

Here are our key tips to excel:

Leverage your research:

We’ve all heard the saying: “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, but with a little focused effort and some solid research, you can set yourself apart from other candidates.

Research the company you are interviewing with. You should know the brand’s history and who its competitors are as well as how your role fits the context of the company’s business.

For more information check:

o   The website – and it sounds obvious but make sure you have the right website address

o   Whether there is any recent positive industry news from the trade press that you can mention in interview

o   The interviewer’s LinkedIn profile prior to meeting them – you may find you’ve worked in the same company previously or have some other common ground

Organisation is key:

Simply put, plan ahead:

o   Check your journey in advance and plan to arrive early – 15 minutes ahead of time; you can always treat yourself to that latte in a nearby café if you are early

o   Re-check on the actual day the status on traffic/tubes/trains etc and adjust the time you need to leave

o   Have an interview outfit ready in advance – making sure you dress appropriately will demonstrate your professionalism. Did you know… it only takes, on average, 7 seconds to make a first impression!

Take into account that:

Ø  It’s always better to be over- rather than under-dressed

Ø  In the fashion industry, an appropriate outfit that reflects the DNA of the brand will stand you in great stead

Value your skills and experience:

The more you can explain how your skills and experience match what the employer is looking for, the more confident you will feel and the easier it will be to present them with real conviction and enthusiasm.

o   Skills match with the person specification and job description

o   Prepare some examples to bring your experience to life and speak with confidence

o   Be prepared to set out what the situation, task, action and result was using the STAR method

Enquire with enthusiasm:

Asking questions is a crucial part of the interview process – after all, it’s a 2-way street, so it’s important to find out as much about the prospective employer as it is for them to assess you.

Having questions prepared ahead of time demonstrates genuine interest in the company and that you are serious about finding the right fit for you. If you’ve learned something of interest via your earlier research, you can incorporate it at this stage.

Some examples are:

o   What do you like about working at the company? (You have a genuine interest in understanding the culture and determining the fit for you)

o   What sort of person are you looking for to fit the team? (You are a team player and understand the team dynamic is so important)

o   Is there anything else that I’ve not covered or anything else that you’d like me to expand on? (You communicate well and are happy to clarify points)


It might sound obvious but thanking the interviewer for their time and interest in meeting with you will leave a lasting impression. Don’t be afraid to finish the interview by reiterating your interest in the opportunity and that you are looking forward to hearing from them.


Using these tips will put you on the front foot, giving you the best outcome at any interview. Good luck!

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