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The Recruiter’s Super-Power…

The Recruiter’s Super-Power…

about 1 month ago

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The Recruiter’s Super-Power…
….and no, we’re not talking flying, shape-shifting or teleporting (oh, but the child in us can dream….!)

Ask most people how recruiters work and they may simply say something like: “recruiters can help you get a job”. But a great recruiter can be worth their weight in gold, offering you so much more, allowing you to reach the career heights you truly deserve.  

For example, from the outset, we can arm you with tips on how to make your CV shine, how to ace that interview or how to stand out when completing a pre-interview task.

In addition, an experienced recruiter has a unique perspective on market conditions and insights in your sector, and they can give you a much more rounded view of the culture of a prospective employer, the team you’d be working with and the physical working environment than you might be able to glean from your own research. 


But it doesn’t stop there, because they are also exclusively able to negotiate salary, package and benefits on your behalf. And once you have that job offer, they can advise on how to resign with poise and professionalism, allaying any fears you may have.

Factor in the trust that recruiters have built with their clients and this can all add up to lending additional credibility to your application from the outset.  


So there are lots of ways in which recruiters can help:

Harness your greatest selling points:

  • Tips on tailoring your CV/portfolio to suit the role and really sell your relevant skills/experience

  • How to smash the interview – from the best way to answer competency-based questions to asking your own questions and leaving the best impression

  • Advising on how to gain traction with tasks or projects that might be set by the prospective employer

Engage at every stage:

  • Tips for excelling in both face-to-face and online Zoom & Teams-based interviews

  • Leaving a positive lasting impression – not just what you do when you leave the room but afterwards

  • Regular updates with your consultant relaying feedback from clients and ways to improve for next time

Lean on us:

  • To sell you to our clients in the most relevant and compelling way

  • To give you the best advice when it comes to negotiating salary and any benefits

  • For advice on how to hand in your resignation without burning bridges

Prepare for success:  

  • We will unearth your skills and experience in our first interview with you, giving you a head-start in the process, by explaining to our clients how your skills are suited to the job in question

  • We treat your application with the utmost privacy every step of the way – after all we make confidentiality our business


To get in touch and look at our current opportunities head over to our jobs page.

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