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Why Using Temporary Staff is Cost-Effective

Why Using Temporary Staff is Cost-Effective

over 3 years ago

Temp Blog

Why Using Temporary Staff is Cost-Effective


Some people are under the impression that using temporary staff will be more expensive than hiring full-time employees. Maybe before Covid19 this might have been true but now we would like to argue the opposite,  contract and freelance employment is now more relevant than ever. In fact, the freelance economy is booming and has been the active choice for both clients and our talented candidates.


Both candidates and clients may prefer this due largely in part to the fact that both job seekers and employers can benefit from this format of work in a volatile market.


Although there are many reasons for the need for freelance/contract/temp workers, more recently, companies that were forced to downsize due to the unforeseen circumstance of COVID-19 might need to fill one of those gaps quickly and for a short period of time.


Not all freelance or temp work is remote, we are currently finding that some of our clients want them to come into the office and be part of their team rather than working remotely but, there is definitely more flexibility than there was before Covid19.


 Fashion companies are definitely more flexible, especially now, the positions can often be remote, awarding freelancers to choose their hours. With more remote opportunities, people can work for companies across the country, opening the door to companies they previously wouldn’t have been considered for, and also means that companies can employ temps or freelancers that they would have overlooked in the past due to where they lived.



A Few Benefits of Working With Temps/Freelancers:




If you do not need regular labour in your business throughout the year, using temps is a great way to keep costs down. This gives you the ability to conveniently add or reduce staff based on your business needs. Rather than hiring someone before a busy period you can book reliable and experienced temps to cover the busy shifts. No commitment, no ongoing costs.


Same total weekly cost

Another cost-effective reason to use temps is that while employers might have to provide benefits such as workers' compensation and overtime pay, you can save on medical/dental benefits, sick pay, retirement, and other income security benefits reserved for full-time and part-time employees. Our temp staff are provided to clients at an hourly rate which covers pay, National Insurance, holiday, and pension.



Temp to perm

Last but not least, using temps is a way for you to try before you buy. Many temps are open to a permanent position, so if you find someone that suits your business needs there is always the opportunity for you to offer that person a permanent role. We have found this particularly useful in highly skilled jobs where an employer needs to determine if a person has enough knowledge and experience to do a particular job.

Did you know that 40% of our freelance roles turn permanent, which is a great reflection on the candidates that we send out to our clients.



Consequently, whether you need cover during seasonal sales, holiday cover, promotions, or last-minute sickness, temporary staff might well be the cheapest option for your business. We cover Design, Production, Technical, E-Commerce, Head Office and Retail, so please call our office on 0207 433 2542 and ask for Natalie.