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What is "R" ?

What is "R" ?

about 4 years ago


What is ‘R’

A  question a lot of us have been asking recently what exactly is R? We all know that the R has to come down to beat the Coronavirus and thankfully it is, but what R’sneed to come down or go up to help the retail industry?


The Right People  

Whatever business you work in one of the essential R’s you will need is The Right People. Stemming from the top of an organisation having a strong leadership team in place is vital for the survival of any business, staff looks to the management team to give them clear direction, strategy and above all belief in their company.

Management also needs to know that they have the right people to help execute their business plans maintain customer and supplier relationships and give outstanding customer service. Employees who are working will need to up their A-game and prove to managers, owners and directors that they are the right person for the job. A large percentage of companies will be looking at making changes to their business and ensuring they have the right teams of people on board will be vital for survival.


The Right Role

At times like this it is crucial that businesses look at the positions they have in their business and ensure that they have the right role with the right people. Companies will be looking at their organisational charts and deciding what roles are key to their business, what positions potentially they don’t need or other roles that they need more people in, or do they need to create new roles due to the changing face of retail.

 Similarly, individuals have had time during the last few months to look at their life and job and may well have decided that they want a different position or may have reevaluated their work/ life balance and potentially decided that they want a different position altogether or may choose to switch to another industry.

Whatever your decision or that of a company, ensuring that the right positions are filled with the right people will be another factor in survival.


The Re-Opening of Retail

This is the R we are all looking forward to going up! When stores large and small can re-open. The past few weeks have seen the reopening of stores in Europe and this week in Italy. Department stores opening, temperature checks when entering the store, counting of people coming in. beauty halls open but no testing of products, clothing departments open, but anything that has been tried on being then taken off the floor and into a separate area to be dehumidified before returning to the rails changing rooms being wiped down, retailers are slowly reopening but things will not be normal for a while to come, but everyone is now becoming accustomed to the new normal whatever that may be.


The Right Recruitment

Ensuring you get the right people into the right position or ensuring you get the right role for you will be one of the key things many of us are thinking about at the moment. Undoubtedly there will be a lot of candidates on the job market over the coming months and companies who are looking to recruit will be inundated with applicants, lots of people all vying for one role, some of whom may not be the right people for the role, using a  specialist recruiter can save you time and allow you to do your day job, recruiters will speak to 100’s of potential candidates and shortlist the best ones for you, similarly, we have access to what is going on in the industry and can help candidates with career guidance and support to ensure they secure suitable positions.