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Tips To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

Tips To Make Your Wardrobe More Sustainable

about 4 years ago

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We all love fashion but the impact it has on the environment is overwhelming.

According to reports buyers consume 400% more clothes than they did 20 years ago.  But now, with environmentalism on the rise, so is the concept of sustainable fashion.

Designers, retailers, and fashion houses are now moving towards sustainable fashion but with the culture of fast fashion, it's not an easy feat.

Maybe whilst we are all on lockdown and unable to buy any new clothes, we have taken a look at our wardrobes and possibly realised we have enough clothes to wear a different outfit every day of the year without actually spending money on buying new clothes.

Here are a few ideas to help us make our own wardrobes contribute to sustainable fashion:

1.  There is obviously nothing more sustainable than buying Vintage or you can rent special occasion dresses from dress rental agencies.

2.  Never throw clothing in the bin, you can donate or recycle your clothes when you have had enough of them. If you do not wear your clothes anymore it can make someone else happy.
3.  Put your jeans in the freezer instead of washing them as this reduces the amount of water and energy you use and keeps your jeans from fading and shrinking. If you fold and put your jeans in the freezer overnight the cold temperature helps kill the bacteria and keeps your jeans fresh!

4.  Try the 30 wear challenge. The idea is that you only buy pieces you think you will wear at least 30 times. This will help you break the trend of buying single-use pieces that you will only wear a few times and then dispose of.

5.  Take care of your clothes and take the time to read the care label and follow them as this will prolong the life of your clothes.

6.  Shopping smarter by looking for better quality items that are more durable and will last you longer than one fashion cycle, this way you are less likely to throw out old clothes sooner.

7.  With more and more brands seeing the importance of an environmental focus, dressing sustainably no longer means compromising – so stop thinking it does, do your research as there are many brands old and new that are changing their fashion perspective.