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Top Tips for Working From Home

Top Tips for Working From Home

about 4 years ago

Work From Home

Top tips for working from home


Are you working from home due to Covid-19? Are you adapting to new ways of working remotely? Do you feel like you need some advice on how to structure your day in order to be as productive as possible?

We’re breaking down our top tips for working most effectively from home.

Get up and get dressed:

  • It can be very easy to treat working from home as a weekend or day off but getting up and continuing your usual morning routine and getting dressed into something comfortable but out of your pyjamas will mentally prepare you to get into the work mode.

  • This doesn’t mean you have to be suited and booted but it will help differentiate you between staying in because you work from home and having a day to yourself.

Structure your day:

  • Check your calendar and organise your day accordingly as you would normally

  • Ensure to prioritise your to-do list and tick each task off as you go along, the days that you do this will be more productive than the days you don’t…

  • Dedicate half an hour or an hours break for lunch and stick to this time

Commute time:

  • Why not use your commuting time to do a workout or go for a pre-work walk?

  • Exercise releases endorphins which stimulates happy hormones making you feel positive about the day ahead

  • When you return from your workout or walk, treat yourself to a healthy nourishing breakfast to get your brain stimulated to ensure you perform at your best 



Pick a place:

  • At work you have a desk set up where you have everything you need to do your job for the day so we highly recommend you set up an area that is clean and will have a clear space for you to feel motivated to work

  • Avoid working from your bedroom or anywhere that may instill distractions that you wouldn’t usually have such as the television, your fridge, playing with your dog, etc

Don’t snack unnecessarily:

  • With people stockpiling food in prep for self-quarantining and panic buying you may have more food in your house than you would usually

  • Fill your fridge and fruit bowl with juicy fruit and crunchy vegetables rather than packets of crackers, biscuits, chocolates and cereal bars as it can all get too tempting and no-one really needs the extra calories anyway

Communication is key:

  • Remember just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you stop communicating!

  • With technology nowadays we are blessed to have so many ways of fast communication including ZOOM/facetime/WhatsApp video calls, emails, texting and not forgetting phone calls of course to communicate with your colleagues and depending on what sector you are in clients, candidates and customers alike.

Treat your home working environment like your real working environment and put 100% into everything you do to achieve the best possible outcome for yourself, your colleagues and benefit the company you are working for.