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Stay Home - A Message From Our Italian Office

Stay Home - A Message From Our Italian Office

about 4 years ago


STAY HOME!                                         

My name is Francesca and for 6 years I have been working as a Consultant for TRP Recruitment, managing the Italian and European Market in the Luxury Fashion industry from Italy.

The opportunity for me to work remotely started 6 years ago and has been my normal for all this time. What has been my normal recently is for almost everyone today an essential change in routine and daily behaviours. It is from here that the desire for compassion, support and sharing is born.

Being in Italy I find myself ahead of what my colleagues and the rest of the UK are now facing. Being in quarantine for more than 2 weeks now has allowed me to discover new things.

As for many, everything is slower at the moment, with our usual social behaviours and activities blocked and our client’s priorities having changed, it is time for a new way of working and living. The clients are no longer called to find new positions or opportunities to work on; the candidates are no longer called to offer them new jobs, so what to do?

Personally, I am rediscovering the human relationship, a relationship that very often gets lost in the day to day activity of targets, time (or lack of), etc this work limits you in part, but at the end of the day, we are dealing with HUMAN RESOURCES every day. We are to speak to our clients and candidates on a personal level, we are to tell them that we are here for them and will be able to support them when the time comes.


This rediscovery of human contacts is perceived even in the small things: when you go food shopping, (in my case, the only contact with the outside world) you perceive a basic kindness, it is not explained in words but with the little gestures of everyone.

Here in a smile from the balconies, the song sung daily or in a shared look in the queue at the supermarket hides a mutual understanding because “we are in the same boat”.

Unfortunately or fortunately this virus is democratic, therefore it does not matter how big we are or how small we are, whether we are rich or poor, the color of our skin or our religion,  the only weapon you have is to stop.

I think it’s crucial to use your time and to think and try to give, as much as possible, the right values to your actions, now and in the future

In this case: STAY HOME!