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Why work overseas?

Why work overseas?

about 5 years ago


Are you getting tired of your usual routine? Looking for a new job opportunity? Sometimes a simple change of job role isn’t quite enough to get you out of your rut. Time to consider working overseas!

Moving your life abroad is not necessarily an option for everybody, but if you are in a position to make the change, the benefits are endless! The experience will be extremely rewarding for you as an individual, as well as for your career.

Your CV will suddenly look a whole lot more impressive, as working overseas demonstrates your ability to adapt quickly and be flexible. Communication skills and language skills are always a bonus on a CV, which you will certainly gain during your time working abroad. Enhancing your CV with these skills will also make you stand out from the crowd when applying to jobs in the future.

These skills will also undoubtedly give you more confidence in yourself when applying for jobs. Any challenges you may face during your time working abroad will help you grow on both a personal and a professional level.

Overseas jobs on your CV are especially advantageous in the fashion industry. A huge number of fashion brands and supply chains are international, making the language skills you will gain abroad extremely valuable. According to The Guardian, “foreign language skills are becoming increasingly important for those aiming for the top of this highly globalised trade.”

Depending on which country you relocate to, you should expect to find some different employment benefits to what you may be used to in the UK. In Hong Kong, it is customary for employers to pay their employees the 13th Month Pay, which is additional compensation on top of an annual salary, amounting to an extra month’s pay. Some employers in Italy will also pay a 14th month!

According to Forbes, more than 60% of expats in Hong Kong said that they earned more in Hong Kong than in their home country. This is not uncommon for expats, so an increase in your paycheck might be all the incentive you need to make the move abroad!

In Germany, although 20 days is the minimum annual leave entitlement, most employers grant more than this, bringing the average to 30 days. Italy has 20 days as the minimum allowance of annual leave, but with extra days for circumstances such as getting married or caring for disabled relatives.

France also has a generous allowance of annual leave, with a minimum of 30 days, which can be increased for reasons such as taking holiday outside of the summer period. In Spain, people in all job roles excluding the director of the company have a two-week notice period.

There is no doubt that travel in any form is a character-building experience which will provide you with invaluable skills and opportunities as you are pushed outside of your comfort zone. You will get the chance to meet all kinds of new people, expand your network, and learn about a new culture. Living in a new country will give you plenty of exciting experiences as you explore and discover your new home.

You will undoubtedly face certain challenges when you begin your new job abroad, however, the rewards of the experience will certainly outweigh the hitches. The company hiring you will also most likely help you with the initial difficulties of moving abroad, such as visas and accommodation.


There is always a demand for candidates to relocate abroad for roles within the fashion industry. If a job overseas sounds like the ideal next step in your career, head over to our website to find our roles in Hong Kong, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, China, India and France!


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