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TOP 5 - Why a foreign language can boost your career

TOP 5 - Why a foreign language can boost your career

over 5 years ago

European Day Of Languages

I am pretty sure you heard that before, probably at school, "learning a foreign language is important for your future". Today, more than ever, it is certainly true.
Here is our TOP 5 - Why a foreign language can boost your career. 

The job market is becoming increasingly frustrating each day. For many vacancies, there are hundreds of applicants, and you need to make the difference. Being fluent in a foreign language could be a pretty good way to move from "one more on the list" to "the one we want."

1 - Create the difference.
Realistically, everybody has the same kind of CV, so you better have something that makes you recognisable. 
An international experience is highly valuable, it shows you are motivated, not afraid of challenges, hardworking and open-minded. 
Because you will speak another language, you will have some skills that make your CV more attractive, and, on top of that, your ability to speak another language or your international experience will be something employers will remember. 

2 - Better opportunities on their way.
Speaking a foreign language can widen the range of jobs you can apply for. Suddenly you have a skill others won't have.
Lord knows how many jobs on the market require to speak another language: recruitment, marketing, communication, teaching, retail and even more. If you work for a company with international offices or markets, they will need you and climbing the work ladder will be easier.

3 - It is all about globalisation.
In the global economy, having the ability to speak another language is a valuable trait.
Every company has a goal to expend to international. Speaking the language of your potential clients will make a massive difference in your relationship.
You understand the culture so you will know how to deal with them and make communications easier. It clearly helps break down the barrier and allows everyone to feel more comfortable and confident which is crucial in any business setting.

4 - Appeal to Global Companies
On another hand, global companies already have offices and clients abroad. So, yes, they will still enjoy having you to communicate with teams, but they could also promote you there.
You could be working with teams to train them or to manage them. You could be the bridge between the head office and the foreign offices. 
So, if you like to travel, it can boost your chance of getting selected for international travel based on your abilities to speak a foreign language.

5 - Me, myself and I
More important, if you start learning a foreign language or if you decide to spend some time abroad, do it for yourself.
You will learn a lot about yourself, and you will open yourself to new cultures. Your whole way to think things will be different and your visions of the world will be as well
By the way, research shows you become more logical when you think and make decisions in a foreign language, so you could surprise yourself too!

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