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Instagram Video

Instagram Video, your new tool to reach your audience

Instagram Video, your new tool to reach your audience

over 5 years ago

Instagram Long Form Video Hub

In June, Instagram launched IGTV, a video platform working as an independent app.  Gucci was the first brand to use it, followed by several fashion brands. The speed at which the fashion industry has adopted it is an indicator of how important video is in marketing.

The reason is quite simple, a video is always exciting, and it’s the best way to deliver a true story.  Marketers often use video when they want to convey something about a brand, their company’s culture or a product.
The question is, what kind of video am I supposed to make and where to share it? 

Instagram is offering Instagram Video, Stories and Live. 
Those are all video components, but they are all considered in very different ways. 
For example, it has become a standard tool for brands to use live streaming whether they are revealing a runway show, holding an informal press conference or conducting a Q&A.
On another hand, Instagram Stories only last 24 hours and are way shorter than the classic videos you can share on the platform. Influencers use them to get their audience involved in their everyday life or to share random content. 

Video works best than text for two reasons:
1. It can be shared on social media - meaning the opportunity for brands to reach potential consumers through video is growing.
2. “Consumers like videos because it's low touch. They don't have to do anything other than just consume.” 

Considering 80% of the videos are read without sound, you better focus on the visual effect. The attention span on social is very, very short; your content needs to be catchy from the first second.
Watched with sound off, a video could be irrelevant on the wrong platform, or if presented incorrectly. With video length diminishing, it’s a brief space of time to draw and hold attention. The key is the words you choose for your title. Your title is your call to action.

Videos, especially lives, are trendy but still represent a risk as consumers
can react, comment and ask any question during the process. Be ready for it, anticipate what could happen. Do not use videos to be like everyone else. It needs to be part of a strategy.