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Role Of Social Media 2

Social Recruitment - How to use social media to recruit

Social Recruitment - How to use social media to recruit

over 5 years ago

Role Of Social Media 2

Recruitment doesn't need to be formal or flat. It can be trendy, but only if your company is and does convey this image. 
Working closely to the fashion industry, TRP Recruitment knows about trends and looks and will show you how to become the most fashionable recruitment agency. 


1. Be an influencer.
Think about a brand you would love to work for. Why do you want to join them? Because of what they convey, and that's just marketing. 
Social media can network and connect socially, meaning it is the best tool to engage your audience. Whether it is through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a blog, it is essential to be seen and heard.

Like brands are sharing their new products on social media, you need to share what is new for you. Whatever the product is, the most important is how you present it. 
A nice feed, nice colours, interesting video and engaging content, that's all you need to have people's attention and to start sharing your culture and your offers. 
Instagram is your best friend when it is about colourful pictures and well-organised feeds that will catch people's attention. On another hand, Twitter is the best place to share catchy short contents. Helped by a couple of hashtags, your thought of the day can become trendy. Do not forget to link all your posts to your website or blog. A bit of SEO is always good for your website.


2. Engagement
By being on social media, you will interact with lots of potential audiences. Only those having a real interest in your product and your company will communicate with you. Working on your audience's engagement ensures that you find the right candidates – people who are aligned with your company’s goals and vision. 
Social media are not the only platforms to improve your engagement. Once again, think like an influencer, they all started with a blog or on Youtube (just another blog actually, a vlog as we call it, short word for a video blog.) 
By creating a blog, you create your space where you can talk about you, your company, your launches etc. You can also share relevant news for your audience and your point of view.


3. Story-telling 
My favourite one. 
Your company is a brand. It has a reputation, and a culture so share it. Talk about your products or your offers, not only describing what they are but why. Why are you doing what you do? Why are your offers different? 
It all starts with a Why - Have you heard about that book?

What can you add to your product that makes the difference? What makes you different from your competitors? I am giving you a hand; the answer is You, your experience and your team.
Technology can be dehumanising so talk about who you are.  Technology has a prominent place in recruiting, but it can't entirely replace human instinct, know-how and your experience. Talk about you, engage yourself in your content to impact your target. 
Story-telling is the art of making business human, and audiences are receptive to the add-on of humanity.