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Avoidable Probation Period Mistakes

Avoidable Probation Period Mistakes

almost 6 years ago


We all get new job nerves and a rough night’s sleep before the first day at a new company. Will your new colleagues be nice to you or see you as competition? Will your boss be friendly and fun or stern and serious? Here is a list of 10 things to avoid doing during your first few days and initial probation period.

  1. Being late! Make sure you pre-plan your journey the day before and check any travel disturbances to ensure you arrive in plenty of time.

  2. Complaining… about anything! If you’re tired, hungry, unhappy about your allocated desk, or the chosen radio station, keep it to yourself. The last thing your new colleagues want is a Moaning Murtle joining their team! Be positive, first impressions really do count.

  3. Talking about your next career move to your new colleagues. Don’t start bragging about this role being a stepping stone into a role offering bigger and better things! It will offend your new colleagues and surround you with a negative aura.

  4. Pouring your heart out to your new work mate about your daily stresses and woes. Using your colleague as a therapist on the first day is a big no, no. They hardly know you and have work to be doing that is more interesting than your personal life.

  5. Emailing HR for the first time to confirm a month-long trip to Bali to ‘find yourself’. Requesting time off like this on your first day could result in being granted unemployment. 

  6. Bad mouthing your new colleagues. Don’t get sucked into office gossip on your first day. Keep an open mind and swerve the conversation.

  7. Wearing something inappropriate. Avoid deep v-necks and short shorts! Professionalism is key, so a more modest outfit for your first day is sure to be a winner.

  8. Disappearing for hours on your lunch break. Also, equally as bad – stinking out the office with your fishy or eggy salad.

  9. Making lots of personal calls during working hours.

  10. Using your boss or colleague's computer to check your social media. And if you are actually daring enough to do it, make sure you don’t leave your account up and logged in  ...who knows what they might find!