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How to Increase Your Productivity at Work

How to Increase Your Productivity at Work

over 6 years ago

How To Increase Productivity At Work

10 before 10

Aim to complete 10 things from your to-do list before 10am. Fully utilise your morning concentration and feel good about getting things out of the way first thing while they are fresh in your mind.

Take regular breaks

Research has shown that taking short breaks during long tasks helps you maintain a constant level of performance; while working at a task without breaks leads to a steady decline in performance. Try the 90 minute solution and take a break after every 90-120 minutes of concentration. 

Be proactive, not reactive

Don’t allow incoming phone calls, emails and messages to dictate how you spend your day, as it might just be all you accomplish! Making the most of your morning commute by planning your day and scheduling tasks will ensure that you start your day with a focused mind-set.

Eliminate distractions

To resist the temptation of an email, voicemail or text, turn off your notifications during working hours. Instead, schedule time to check emails and other messages as this will help to make you more proactive than reactive.

Check your social media in your own time

Refrain from checking social media on your phone or computer during working hours. Do you really need your phone out on the desk? Turn off notifications to eliminate distractions and instead, check when you take a five minute break, or when you take lunch.

Make your surroundings aesthetically pleasing!

Research shows that decorating an office with aesthetically pleasing elements can increase productivity by up to 15%. Jazz up your area by adding plants, photos, flowers or anything that makes you smile!

Stop multitasking

Whilst it is perceived that the ability to multitask is an important skill for increasing efficiency, studies have shown that attempting to tackle several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity. Instead, focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention before moving on to something else. 

Set yourself deadlines

For open-ended tasks or projects, try setting yourself a deadline, then stick to it! Keeping an eye on the clock will increase productivity and help you to focus.

Take exercise breaks

Physical activity enhances brain function so, if possible, build in time during working hours in the week for taking a walk or going to the gym.