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10 Alternative Fashion Jobs that You Never Even New Existed

10 Alternative Fashion Jobs that You Never Even New Existed

over 6 years ago


Think you know about all the possible jobs in the fashion industry? Think again! Listed below are 10 obscure fashion jobs that we bet you never knew even existed...

  1. Green Screen Hair Blower
    I know what you’re thinking. Really?? Dressed in a skin-tight, green morph suit, it is the duty of the green screen hair blower to toss and lift hair to create that magical wind-swept look.
  2. Textile Forensic Scientist
    Textile scientists are interested in creating newer, better and more durable materials to be used. The general role includes ensuring the quality of products, working closely with suppliers and designers to produce the garments as specified.
  3. Print Approver
    Print approvers have a strong eye for style, the ability to strategically AND creatively position prints onto a design. They source, develop and create fabrics for designer collections.
  4. Runway choreographer
    Runway choreographers are responsible for everything that is on the runway: from planning the models’ walks to customising the models’ expressions and gestures… runway choreographers must incorporate the show’s theme, music and the brand’s clothes to put on a spectacular show that will wow even the most seasoned fashion show attendees.
  5. Fabric Librarian
    Yes, you read that right – fabric librarian! A fabric librarian’s only prerequisite is to know every single fabric (past and present) like no other. As one of the only jobs in the industry that have access to nearly every department, fabric librarians have a vast number of connections and important contacts.
  6. Face Feelers
    More commonly known as ‘sensory scientists’, face feelers predominantly work within the beauty industry to test out skin softness during the testing phases when brands develop face creams, moisturisers and serums. These professionals conduct rigorous research and testing to help ensure product development.
  7. Search Trend Analyst
    Similar to the roles of a trend scout, search trend analysts evaluate consumer search data/history to help brands and businesses understand how consumers are spending their money. Shopping community sites like Polyvore, compile and identify searching patterns which are then used to enhance user experience and engagement.
  8. Lip Readers
    Lipstick readers or ‘lipsologist’ are responsible for reading and reviewing models’ lipstick imprints. Lipstick readers help brands and businesses decide the correct lip imprints to use in fashion or beauty images. According to lipsologists, lipstick imprints can convey personality traits that will help the brand send the right message to consumers.
  9. Wrinkle Chaser
    From smoothing out creases on clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, wrinkle chasers are ironing pros who have mastered the skill to erasing all wrinkles even in the most delicate of fabrics.
  10. Professional Closet Organiser
    Professional closet organisers are booked by brands and companies to develop an organisation system with the brand’s vision and trends in mind. Perks of this role includes free clothes and great contacts!

It is a common misconception that the fashion industry is only made up of the roles that are portrayed in the Devil Wears Prada, but there are many more positions behind the scenes of all the glamour!

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