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How to stay fit in the office

How to stay fit in the office

about 7 years ago

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Don’t think you can work full time and still stay fit? If you have a desk job you may need to be creative to find ways to keep your body moving at work. Here are some excellent ways to keep active whilst in the office. No excuses!

1.Walk in your lunch break

Make the most of that hour and go for a walk. Not only is this beneficial for your health, it will help to clear you mind and help you feel refreshed for the afternoon.  Studies show that being seated for 2 hours or more reduces metabolism and fat burning enzymes So get moving!

2.Don’t skip breakfast

As we all know now, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How can you expect your mind to work without sufficient fuel? Keep a box of cereal in your drawer and some fruit on hand to keep you going.

3.Drink lots of water

Stay focussed and drink lots of water. To help you remember, keep a reusable cup on your desk and challenge yourself to refill it at least three times a day.

4.Use the stairs instead of the elevator

Don’t cheat and use the elevator, taking the stairs is one of the easiest ways to ensure you get a little exercise every morning before a big day of sitting at your desk.  Even try using a restroom on another floor


Relieve the tired and lethargic feeling you get in your legs with ankle and calf stretches by following these simple steps

  • Hold one foot off the floor with your leg straight
  • Flex your ankle pointing your toes up
  • Extend you ankle pointing your toes down
  • Do ten times and repeat with other leg
  • Next, draw a circle with your toes, moving one foot clockwise and then counter-clockwise
  • Change feet