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Trp's Top Tips for Job Searching

Trp's Top Tips for Job Searching

about 8 years ago

Job Search

1.     Create a spreadsheet – Using excel, create a simple spreadsheet so you can keep track of what roles you have applied for, the dates and the status of your application.

2.     Create a Linkedin page – Linkedin is a great way to get your name and CV out there for free, it will also allow you to search for jobs and be notified when your profile is viewed. Create a profile and select a smart and clear head shot for your profile photo.

3.     Register with a reputable recruitment agency – A recruitment agency such as ourselves will help you a great deal with helping you find your next role. They will offer invaluable advice and be there every step of the way as they help you find your new role.

4.     Use a job board – Once you have perfected your cv, upload it to a job board. This will make your CV immediately accessible to recruiters who can then contact you when they have the perfect role for you!

5.     Research your ideal companies - Look at the organisations which might make a good employer and decide exactly what kind of role you are looking for.

6.     Have your references ready – contact your last two employers and ask if they can give you a reference. You will need there contact number and email address.

7.     Create templates – Write a general cover letter ready to be tailored to match the requirements of every role you apply for. It is important that your cover letter doesn’t appear to look like it could be sent out for 100 different roles.

8.     Keep on top of the search -  New jobs will be added to job boards and recruitment websites every day so keep checking as you want to be one of the first to apply.

9.     Ask for feedback – If you are rejected from a role, ask for feedback. This can help you to learn from the experience and build on your interview skills.

10.   Remain positive – Searching for a new job can be hard work. Try not to take it personally if you are rejected for a role. There is a perfect role for everyone and sometimes it just takes a little harder to find!